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How to Photograph Cars

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A new edition of ground breaking book ‘How to Photograph Cars’ is available now

The book takes a practical look at how to shoot outstanding pictures of cars in every situation from studio to location, static and at speed, in an accessible and highly visual style.

Featuring many images specially shot to illustrate the techniques described it takes the reader from the basics of choosing the right equipment through to shooting a magazine feature and covers the latest digital technology.

The book is aimed at both new and experienced photographers who are disappointed with their images taken at a club day or at the race track and want some insider tips from a pro’ on how to take better pictures.

James Mann is a UK based automotive photographer whose work appears in many of the UK’s top car magazines such as Autocar and Classic and Sports Car. As well as shooting for the car industry in Europe his work takes him all over the world photographing cars in exciting locations.

The new edition is published by Auto Focus Books the book is available below at a discount and from the website and at  here.

Shipping from this website 2nd class in the UK is just £3.20

First class and Europe is £5.80

ISBN no. is : 978-0-9956246-0-3

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HTPC back cover

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The Art of the Formula 1 Race Car : New edition

Photography by James Mann

Formula 1: the pinnacle of motorsports. This is the world’s most popular form of racing, featuring the world’s greatest drivers competing in the most technologically advanced cars ever created, machines designed and built by some of history’s most brilliant engineering minds.

For Art of the Formula 1 Race Car, master automotive photographer James Mann has brought a selection of these spectacular machines into the studio, and through his lens we see not just the engineering brilliance of these cars but also their inherent beauty. They are works of art, the fascinating results of Formula 1’s mix of competition, creativity, and human ingenuity.

With historical and technological profiles by Formula 1 writer Stuart Codling, and commentary from multiple-championship-winning designer Gordon Murray, this book is the ultimate homage to the ultimate breed of race car.

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Form Follows Function: The Art of the Super Car

For Art of the Super Car, renowned automotive photographer James Mann brings 20 of the world’s most beautiful and desirable super cars into the studio. Removed from their ordinary environment and shot on black backgrounds, the photographer’s lens reveals not just the engineering brilliance of these cars, but also the inherent beauty in their form and details.

Classic and new models from the world’s most famous marques, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Maserati, Aston Martin, and others will be featured.

With historical and technical profiles by Stuart Codling and commentary by leading automotive designers, Art of the Super Car is a must-have for any automotive enthusiast’s library.

Out of stock.New edition coming soon

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These full price copies are signed by James Mann. Reviews “If supercars are your thing, it doesn’t get much better than this.” –EVO, 1st February 2012 “Superb studio pics and crisp, informative text make this a must-read for super car alficianados. –Autosport, 19th January 2012 “this must-have book boasts superb photography and a commentary from McLaren designer Frank Stephenson.” –Daily Express, 21st January 2012 4/5 Delicious images and an engaging style –Top Marques, April 2012


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Sports Cars

The sports car has always been the ultimate symbol of automotive fun and freedom, from the earliest Bentleys and Stutzes through the Porsche Boxster and Lotus Elise of today. Sports Cars profiles over 50 cars from the early twentieth century to today, with lavish color photography from renowned automotive lens-man James Mann. This book will surely grab the attention of any sports car lover.

For a full price signed copy by the author buy from this site.

Out of stock,more coming soon.

To buy on Amazon click here.

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“Strap yourself in and get moving – this is one sports car book everyone will want to get their hands on.” –The Press, October 7, 2011 “Perfect for a car-mad young enthusiast.” –Classic & Sports Car, November 2011 One sports car book every fan will want to get their hands on. –Bolton News, November 2011


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Bonneville: Portrait of a Legend

The Triumph Bonneville has been one of motorcycling’s most enduring British icons. The name comes from the Utah salt flats where a streamlined twin-cylinder Triumph captured the World Motorcycle Speed Record in 1956. In 1959, the first Bonneville, the T120, appeared, and the Bonneville name would remain a revered badge of motorcycling honour for the following three decades. This elegant, picture-lavish book, featuring Bonnevilles specially photographed in a studio setting, pays tribute by showing all the classic models in exquisite photographic detail, accompanied by an expert commentary. This is a visual feast for all Bonneville enthusiasts.

For a full price copy signed by the photographer buy here  P &P from £3.20 for UK delivery only please add this amount to your paypal transaction.Contact JM for expedited delivery.

I have a few copies that are seconds usually with just a few small marks on the dust jacket at £19.99.Get in touch if you would like one. NOW SOLD OUT

To buy through Amazon click here.


Price: £29.99

Lotus 79/1

A pictorial record of an amazing car Including studio images and track action from a memorable moment of three Lotus 79’s together again at Snetterton.

Hard back 32 pages.

This book is published by James Mann in a limited edition of 100 copies with only a few left….now sold out.!


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10th anniversary Goodwood Revival calendar

2009 Goodwood Revival calendar.

A few of these highly collectible calendars are still available.

Super A3 size 300gsm .Twelve large format black and white images taken by James Mann on his 1955 Linhof Technika.

Ideal for framing, the images from the calendar are printed on Lithographic high quality paper


Price: £15.00

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Art of the Le Mans Race Car

Le Mans is one of the longest-running and most spectacular endurance races in the history of motorsport. Spanning from the first 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1923 to the present day, Art of the Le Mans Race Car takes the reader through a visual review of 90 years of significant, stunning racing machines. Featured cars include racers from Bentley, Talbot, Alfa Romeo, Cunningham, Jaguar, Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, and Audi, to name but a few. Striking studio photography specifically commissioned for this book from James Mann, one of the world’s leading car and motorcycle photographers, highlights the functional art of race car engineering, allowing readers to lose themselves in the myriad mechanical details within. Each car includes a profile setting out its place in Le Mans history, accompanied by historical images and commentary from drivers, designers, and engineers. Written by renowned journalist and broadcaster Stuart Codling, Art of the Le Mans Race Car offers a fresh, visually breathtaking telling of the beautiful vehicles that have graced the world’s most beloved endurance race.

Signed by the Photographer

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The Art of Ducati

Over 60 years ago a small company called Ducati began manufacturing simple,inexpensive 50cc motorcyles in Bologna,Italy. Since then,Ducati has evolved into one of the most successful names in motorcycling. In the Art of Ducati , Ducati expert Ian Falloon teams up with James Mann to present a gorgeously illustrated,thoughtfully curated review of more than six decades of Ducati excitement.

Full priced copies are signed by the author + P & P of £6.50 for UK delivery only

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The Art of Ducati book by James Mann and Ian Falloon for delivery only in the UK


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Lamborghini Supercars 50 Years

Nearly 50 years ago, upstart high-end sports car manufacturer Lamborghini set the performance car world on its ear with its stunning supercar, the Miura. Wrapped in a svelte Marcello Gandini – designed body and powered by a 350-horsepower V-12, the Miura instantly made every other car look antiquated.

In 1974, Lamborghini again shocked the automotive world with the mad Countach (an Italian expression one might utter at the sight of a beautiful woman), another Gandini masterpiece. Wide, low, and menacing, the original Countach completely recalibrated the supercar template.

The Diablo replaced the Countach in 1990 and was the last of the Lamborghini supercars under the auspices of the “original” company. Audi acquired the company in 1997 and would bring significant German efficiency to bear, turning out supercars to a new template: the Murielago in 2001, the Gallardo in 2003, the Reventon in 2008, the Aventador in 2011, and, most recently, the appropriately named Huracan.

Each one is an ultimate car. Many were collector vehicles from the moment they rolled off the production line. Beneath their stunning bodywork lie chassis and powerplants bristling with the best technology of their respective eras. Lamborghini’s latest supercars zip from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under 3 seconds and hit top speeds in excess of 220 miles per hour. Their prices are equally staggering.

Lamborghini Supercars 50 Years is devoted exclusively to all of Lamborghini’s ultimate performance cars. No enthusiast of these world-class sports cars will want to miss it!

Sorry sold out

– See more at:


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Jaguar Cars

Explore the complete history of Jaguar–maker of cars that practically purr with life–through James Mann’s stunning photography.
In 1935, a small company in Coventry, England, built a sporting saloon called the Jaguar SS and set in motion an inexorable process that would lead to Britain’s most beloved line of high-performance automobiles. Originally begun by a couple of motorcycle enthusiasts–William Lyons and William Walmsley–the firm originally called the Swallow Sidecar Company quickly expanded into automobile production, and with its new Jaguar model, it had exactly what the market wanted.
In England’s bleak postwar years, Jaguar became a shining star, beginning with its XK120 (the first production car ever to achieve 120 miles per hour), followed by the XK140 and XK150. Sporting sedans (saloons in British parlance) such as the Mark 2 and Mark X set the bar for luxury four-door transport in the 50s and 60s. Then Jaguar stunned the world with the achingly beautiful E-Type in 1961, a genuine 150-miles-per-hour super sports car. Along the way, the company competed on road courses around the world, going head to head with greats such as Ferrari and Aston Martin.
Though Jaguar lost its way periodically in the modern era, it has bounded back stronger than ever in the 21st century with a lineup including the all-new F-Type sports car.
Jaguar Cars features 50 of Jaguar’s most iconic models, from the original SS Jaguar to today’s F-Type sports cars as well as the C-X75 supercar concept.

Now sold out.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Explore the complete history of Jaguar–maker of cars that practically purr with life–through James Mann’s stunning photography.


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Iconic car greetings cards

JM:Card group-w

Stunning A5 (approx) 10 greetings cards with a huge choice of cars cards celebrating some of greatest automobile designs.Photographed in the studio by James Mann for his Art of ….series of books, these blank art cards are available for the first time in packs containing a single design or mixed pack of 10 from the following.

1973 Lotus 72 ex Ronnie Peterson, 1957 Maserati 250F, 1956 Jaguar D Type Ecurie Ecosse Le Mans winner, McLaren F1, 1955 Mercedes W196 Streamliner ex Juan Manuel Fangio, 1978 Ferrari 312T3 ex -Gilles Villeneuve, 1959 Aston Martin DBR1 Le Mans winner, 1970 Porsche 917K Le Mans winner, Lewis Hamilton’s F1 Champ’ winning McLaren MP4/23, Lamborghini Aventador, 1958 Corvette Roadster, 1963 Corvette Coupe, Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato, Auto Union V12, Alfa Romeo Stradale Tipo 33 1959 Ferrari 250GT California, Daytona Cobra, Alfa Romeo 158/9, Austin Healey 100S, Ferrari 275GTB4, Le Mans winning Jaguar C Type, BMW M1, Lamborghini Diablo, Alfa Romeo Guilietta SS, Porsche Carerra GT, Lamborghini Muira, Porsche 356 roadster, Ford GT40 , McLaren M7C double wing, Jaguar E Type S1 roadster, Mercedes 300SL, Ferrari Dino 246, Jaguar S1 coupe, Pagani Zonda F roadster, Toyota 2000GT, Ferrari F40, Mercedes F1 W10, Brawn BGP01, Alpine Renault 110.

JM-Lotus 72 pack-w

Printed on 300gsm card with white envelopes to the highest quality.

Please state which pack you want in your order.Mixed or individual design.

If you would like to see a particular image or images to help you choose, get in touch

Pack price for 10 cards is £25 + £2.80 for UK delivery.

Contact James for car choice on and for international  P + P and bulk discount.

JM-card group X8-w

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Pack of 8 A5 ( approx) greetings cars, blank inside for your own message featuring iconic cars photographed in the studio by James Mann, mixed or individual design.


Price: £25.00

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Art of the Classic Sports Car

The Art of the Classic Sports Car offers enthusiasts a beautifully illustrated review of several decades of high-performance cars, featuring cars from around the globe all shot in the studio to ensure a handsome and desirable book. Each featured car includes a profile discussing the car’s place in sports car history along with technical and performance specs as well as a smattering of historical images and period ads.

“What was the first sports car?” will often incite a heated debate among enthusiasts. Still, most car fans feel that they know a sports car when they see one and when asked to name a few will rattle off a remarkably similar list of name plates: Jaguar, Corvette, Triumph, MG, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lotus, Alfa-Romeo, BMW. Pressed harder, more exotic and obscure brands will emerge: DB, Alpine, Bugatti, Lancia.

Sports cars have offered road and track excitement for nearly 100 years. The original cars evolved for racing, but their appeal and popularity ensured that production versions were soon available for those whose sporting intents never left the boulevard or winding back road.

Along the way, sports cars became more comfortable, sometimes almost practical, and above all handsome. But never have they been boring.


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Goodwood Revival Classic Images mounted prints

When the morning dawned bright and beautiful on that first Goodwood Circuit Revival meeting we all knew we were at the start of something special.

I decided to shoot with my 1955 Linhof Technika  large format film camera throughout the weekend but hadn’t realized how tricky it was going to be. The camera uses individual sheets of film 5 X 4 inches in size and is heavy and ungainly to work.

I used Polaroid Type 55 which, although an instant black and white print film, produces a very fine quality negative. It’s only 50 ASA  which is slow by modern standards and I wanted to use the whole frame with the ragged edges to give the period feel to the images so framing each images carefully was vital. Focusing is performed under a hood viewing the image upside down.Aperture and shutter speed are then set and the lens is closed down.The film is loaded and without being able to see through the lens you shoot, one frame. If you miss it ….tough.

My most memorable images were exhibited at both Goodwood and at the Royal Automobile Club at the ten year anniversary in 2008 but this is the first time I have released a series of mounted prints of these images from the that first decade. Each image is printed on a Heidelberg lithographic press using 150 gm archival paper mounted and captioned in art board with signed and numbered authenticity certificate on the back.

Six different images are currently available mounted at 12 x 14′ (30.5 x 36cms) Please contact me to see them all. Limited edition of 50 pieces each. Discounts are available for sets of three or all six

Framing is also available at various prices depending on choice

£19.99 each


Price: £19.99

Art of the Formula One Calendar Race Car 2024

This 16-month calendar, highlights 13 of the most exciting F1 race cars from 70-plus years of competition, captured in the studio portraits of master automotive photographer James Mann.

The photographs in The Art of the Formula 1 Race Car 2024 showcase greats such as Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, Lotus, Brabham, Mercedes, and more, portraying the vehicles’ engineering and technological brilliance and also their inherent beauty—the captivating result of Formula 1’s mix of competition, creativity, and technical ingenuity that makes these racers works of mechanical art.

This 12″ × 12″ wall calendar includes a convenient opening page showing the months of September, October, November, and December 2023, followed by individual pages for the months of 2024.

Keep yourself on track throughout the year while enjoying Formula 1’s most intriguing and successful race cars from the 1950s to today.

For UK delivery only

Now sold out


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