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Goodwood Revival Classic Images mounted prints

When the morning dawned bright and beautiful on that first Goodwood Circuit Revival meeting we all knew we were at the start of something special.

I decided to shoot with my 1955 Linhof Technika  large format film camera throughout the weekend but hadn’t realized how tricky it was going to be. The camera uses individual sheets of film 5 X 4 inches in size and is heavy and ungainly to work.

I used Polaroid Type 55 which, although an instant black and white print film, produces a very fine quality negative. It’s only 50 ASA  which is slow by modern standards and I wanted to use the whole frame with the ragged edges to give the period feel to the images so framing each images carefully was vital. Focusing is performed under a hood viewing the image upside down.Aperture and shutter speed are then set and the lens is closed down.The film is loaded and without being able to see through the lens you shoot, one frame. If you miss it ….tough.

My most memorable images were exhibited at both Goodwood and at the Royal Automobile Club at the ten year anniversary in 2008 but this is the first time I have released a series of mounted prints of these images from the that first decade. Each image is printed on a Heidelberg lithographic press using 150 gm archival paper mounted and captioned in art board with signed and numbered authenticity certificate on the back.

Six different images are currently available mounted at 12 x 14′ (30.5 x 36cms) Please contact me to see them all. Limited edition of 50 pieces each. Discounts are available for sets of three or all six

Framing is also available at various prices depending on choice

£19.99 each


Price: £19.99