Global Mustang day

I was recently invited by Ford UK to bring my 1966 Mustang GT coupe along to celebrate Global Mustang Day and document the event in pictures.

The Mustang was launched in 1964 as a compact model with an aggressive marketing plan from Ford and remains in production 58 years later making it one of the longest surviving models in history.

The first series ran from mid 1964 to 1966 and was available in an inline six cylinder or 289cu’ in’ V8 in coupe, convertible or fastback bodies. Here’s a very early coupe termed ’64 1/2 by the the Mustang aficionados.

The Easter event was hosted by Caffeine and the Machine near Stratford upon Avon, until recently a large rural pub, it has rebranded itself a Gentleman’s Club for the Petrolhead and attracts huge numbers of bikers and car lovers to it’s large car parks, cafe and landscaped grounds.

It wasn’t only classics in attendance as Ford still import their latest 5.0 litre V8 models to the UK, although in the current fuel crisis, even they admit its days may be numbered. The new all-electric Mach-E is Ford’s new model to the Mustang range and sales have been going well with over 5000 cars sold in the UK in the last year alone. With acceleration sub 4 seconds 0-60 in the GT and all wheel drive no one doubts its performance credentials although its looks may challenge the traditionalist.

One car that appealed to everyone at the meeting was Jason Thiel’s 1967 Highland Green Fastback Bullitt evocation with it’s 390 cu’ in’ big block engine drawing the crowds.

It was a great test for my car too as it’s the furthest I’ve driven it since an engine rebuild but I had nothing to worry about as it performed admirably without a problem for the whole weekend.