Bullitt Mustangs

Each year I undertake three car photography workshops for the Royal Photographic Society.The summer event takes place at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu with the support of Ford.

This year they sent us a pair of Mustangs 50 years apart in age but both on the same theme of the car driven by Steve McQueen in the Hollywood thriller Bullitt.

I usually go for a mid tone car for these workshops as they are the most straightforward to shoot so the Highland Green Bullitt cars were always going to be a challenge.

We were fortunate that the sky was overcast so the contrast was low and with some tweaks to open up the aperture we all got some great results.The classic Mustang won our hearts and as well as statics and details we were able to shoot some cornering and panning images.

The group of twelve of us used our long lenses to shoot profile panning which flattens the perspective and then short lenses for front three quarter panning which offers up a movie like view